The isolation and preparation of autogenetic mitochondria is rapid and purified mitochondrial are available within 30 minutes while the patient is in the operating room. Mitochondrial transplantation provides an efficacious cardioprotective protocol that can be used either as an exclusive intervention to ameliorate myo-necrosis in congestive heart failure to enhance myocardial function or could be used as a primary intervention prior to subsequent xenogeneic cellular regenerative interventions which requiring extended times for cell isolation.

The Mitochondrial Transplantation will be monitored by our FDA approved methodology to follow the total energy consumption by the tissue which will allow to monitor in real time mitochondrial activity and add more Mitochondria as needed as key contributor to tissue regeneration.

A protocol for Mitochondrial Transplantation and monitoring of mitochondrial activity will be developed for use in upcoming clinical trials for Mitochondrial Transplantation.